söndag 6 maj 2012


Så här tycker King Creosote:

“I have a bad feeling about the whole thing [ie digital music] – it’s something I don’t feel comfortable with. I am retiring from anything online, and digital music entirely. If you download 1000 songs, how can you value them? I think there is a malaise at the moment – people see music as some sort of service you get when you get broadband and everything around music has been devalued as a result”. 

“We [Fence] are looking to sell fewer units, but to people who are willing to buy items of higher value. It is a case of admitting that if you do not support us, we are gone. The bands that have already done well, your Radioheads and the like, which have used the industry to get an audience, can give their music away all they like. That audience is big and will probably buy tickets to see them live. But I really despair for Fence acts, for new bands – how can they find the money to promote themselves?” 

Jag tycker han har flera poänger, och det är till stor del därför jag fortfarande köper skivor, därför jag fortfarande, med en dåres envishet, bojkottar Spotify. Jag älskar att det finns möjlighet att höra det mesta man kan tänkas vilja lyssna på, men jag älskar ännu mer känslan när man verkligen sökt (på verkliga, fysiska platser, inte Google) - och funnit - det där obskyra som man dittills bara läst och fantiserat om.

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